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A Gendered Dialogue through Art

Collaborations with Aravani Art Project, a trans-women art collective to paint our dispensaries, community centers and schools at Nashik, Behror and Gurugram laid a platform for the marginalized trans-women community to connect with local communities.

Creating gendered spaces and foster an inclusive dialogue about gender and equality.  The paradigm of gender equality has seen a sweeping shift in the recent years in order to accommodate the discourse of seeing beyond gender binaries. All our programs seek to necessarily include women as key stakeholders and decision makers. However, it is our firm resolution to not only promote women and girls at the forefront but provide an empowering platform for all genders.   Facilitating a collective empowerment and voice for the LGBTQ+ peoples, a collaboration with Aravani Art Project involved a group of LGBTQ+ artists connect with local communities around our plant in Nashik and depict their everyday lives as larger than life paintings and murals on the walls of  key community institutions. 

Apart from being a dignified source of livelihoods, this endeavor provided an able platform for the artists to amicably connect with the community and pave way for an inclusive and multicultural dialogue about gender equality.