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Protect and revive our Biodiversity

Ushering participative restoration and conservation of lakes, creation of wetlands and effect community ownership and everyday conservation of freshwater resources

An ongoing program with Evolve Engineering in Delhi has taken up the ambitious task of  reviving of the Hauz Khas lake, through creation of wetlands, installation of aerators and floating islands. In alignment with SDG target 15.1 and 15.5 which seek to ensure restoration and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems and their services and prevent their degradation, several mini-bunds have been created to trap incoming solids before they enter the lake. Deposited sludge and accumulated garbage in the wetlands are cleaned regularly. New plants and large natural stones have been introduced to further entrap solids entering the lake. This has led to 90% reduction in pollutants entering the lake.

Our program with SAHE in Hyderabad has mobilized local community and civic bodies for sewage treatment and waste segregation around the Kudikunta lake. Restoration of 425 Sq. m marshland has resulted in migratory birds returning to the lake which is a key indicator towards achieving SDG target 15.5. The program has also undertaken bio-oxidation of the water, converting sewage into biogas, installing solar powered aerators and bunding to keep solid waste out of the lake. A key component of the program aims to encourage collaboration between the Government of Telangana, residents, corporates and NGOs for collective action.