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Responsible Consumption and Road Safety

Programs pivoted around responsible consumption and road safety reach out to diverse groups including young adults and truck drivers. 

Truck drivers are an extremely important and hardworking cohort of our businesses. However, the nature of jobs involving flexible working schedules and often erratic working conditions, prevent them from accessing timely and regular preventive medical care. Our program aligned to SDG target 3.6, aims to promote Safe road behavior, Financial literacy and provide quality Eye and health checkups including a component for HIV prevention. Till date more than 100,000 truck drivers have been engaged with us for eye checkups and other preventive health conditions at our camps.  

Aligned to SDG target 3.5, Cool Teens, our program to promote responsible consumption of alcohol, engages with more than 200,000 adolescents and young adults across in India. Regular sessions on educational awareness and sensitization towards harmful use of alcohol are conducted as part of this program, across 10 states in India.