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Environment & Biodiversity preservation

Environment & Biodiversity Preservation: Stewarding Community-led, Community-owned biodiversity and water conservation in critical landscapes

At PRI, we recognize the importance of maintaining and protecting the equilibrium and sanctity of the environment we live and operate in. In order to do this, preserving the environment and biodiversity is a key priority for us.

In order to foster a harmonious existence, we have launched a targeted program in Assam to conserve the ecosystem through creating the ability of human beings and Asian elephants to peacefully co-exist. The program includes establishing Anti-Depredation Squads (ADS), comprising local youth. These groups are tasked with creating awareness among local communities on the correct methods to manage human-elephant interactions.

With the ambition of being a Business for Nature, Pernod Ricard India holds restoring and rejuvenating deforested lands as one of the key priorities for mitigating the impacts of climate change. With a large-scale tree plantation program across 9 geographies, it aims at restoring biodiversity – by planting native species in a mini-forest model – but also curbing down GHG emissions via natural sinks.