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Quality education, skilled workforce & Equitable livelihoods: Creating Digital Education Inclusion, Nurturing Scholastic Talent and Building 21st Century Skills for All

The core focus areas of our Quality Education and Skilled Workforce Program are as follows:

Helping the budding achievers in rural India, especially girls, shine: In order to empower young talented individuals and provide them with adequate opportunities to achieve excellence, PRIF has launched a scholarship program in partnership with Youth Dreamers Foundation (YDF). This scholarship is offered to underprivileged children from communities around our plants in Nashik and Behror. The program has been designed in a manner to specifically cater to extremely vulnerable students, including persons with disabilities, those with single parents and students from the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities. Through this program, these students are provided with equitable access to quality education across different levels including school, degree, diploma and professional education

Safeguarding Professional Development and Employment Opportunities for vulnerable youth: With an ever-increasing pool of employable youth, PRI recognizes the challenges that marginalized youth face to prepare and adequately skill themselves to gain meaningful employment opportunities. PRIF Career Development Centre (CDC) was launched in partnership with NIIT Foundation to train youth from the urban slums of Gurugram, Haryana on three levels of literacy, skills and career training. The purpose of these trainings is to empower the students with skills in IT, service industry etc. and then provide placement assistance to the trained youths, seeking jobs in the relevant industry.

Empowering differently-abled women : One of the impediments to accessing employment in the formal sector lies in unequal access to quality education often resulting in a lack of formal work experience. This is even true for people from communities that face prejudices and are confronted with systemic challenges. From this gap and a strong intersectional focus on diversity and inclusion, stems our program aimed at skilling and enabling differently-abled women pan-India. Partnering with Sarthak Educational Trust, the program has provided women from underserved communities a safe and inclusive environment. Post the comprehensive and adapted training, women were supported with placement in companies in the IT-ITES, Tourism and Hospitality sector.

Building a trans-inclusive society: There is a severe deficit of economic opportunities for marginalized groups like the Transgender community, with 96% of them being denied gainful employment and being forced to take up menial jobs. Only 6% of transgenders are employed in private sector or non-profits. In order to tackle this issue, PRIF has partnered with Connecting Dreams Foundation to launch Project TRANSformation: Empowering Vulnerable Transgender Communities, aimed at mainstreaming and creating meaningful livelihood opportunities for young and aspiring trans-persons in Delhi NCR. Furthering this mission, PRIF has also implemented India’s first Academic-Corporate Fellowship Program for the transgender community. This aims at enabling the community from across India, to craft their career paths in the corporate world.

If you want to apply to the Transformation Fellowship, please click here